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Otty Lake Association reports a significant Gypsy moth infestation. (August 21, 2019)

Gypsy moth egg clusters may contain between 600 and 1000 eggs. These egg masses can be found about 2 metres from the ground. Check for eggs under shed eaves, dock stairs, under umbrellas, etc. not just on the trees. It is important to check your Farren Lake Property now and destroy as many of these egg masses as possible. Squish them or, if using a pesticide follow manufacturers instructions. These products can be harmful if not handled properly.  When the caterpillars hatch in the May they climb the trees and cause severe defoliation.  Photo of moth and egg mass



A young bear (1 1/2 year old) with an injured left front paw was sited on
5 Aug. 2019 on Lane 32 #445 about 8:30 pm
(Barbara Collishaw as well as Andrei Kowaluk saw the bear),
and the same bear on 10 Aug. 2019 on Lane 32 # 367
in the morning (Bill Howard). 

Keep your eyes open, watch your pets and please report any further
sightings so that we can keep folks informed (

Photo by Andrei Kowaluk, 


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