European Gypsy Moth 
One of the issues of importance as we head into the 2021 lake season is the gypsy moth infestation of 2020.  Please find attached a very informative PowerPoint presentation.
This presentation was part of the Eastern Ontario Model Forest Winter Woodlot Conference held on Feb 3, 2021.  The author and presenter, Eric Boysen from New Leaf Forest Service of Maberly, kindly allowed the public sharing of his overview of the local gypsy moth situation.  Thank you also to Farren Lake cottager, Greg Clark, for bringing my attention to this excellent presentation.  
Please take the time to scroll through the panels for clearly worded and useful information. You will find straightforward suggestions for management of gypsy moth egg masses, caterpillars and adult moths to help limit defoliation on your property.

Suggestions, questions or information regarding the gypsy moth situation at Farren Lake may be addressed to  

Don't wait until you see caterpillar damage. 
Battle With Your Gypsy Moths