Lake Management Plan

The following documents are in pdf format:

A Message to Our Members and Community Partners

I am very pleased to be able to present this Lake Stewardship Action Plan to the lake community. It is the culmination of six years of dedicated work by individuals with an abiding interest in Farren Lake.

What makes this Plan different is that a significant amount of implementation occurred as the plan was being developed. This augurs well for its future usefulness.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge the contributions of specific individuals without which this Action Plan would not have happened. A special thanks is due to Gail Graser and Monty Doyle, co-chairs of the Lake Management Committee, and members Jim Marshall and Jackie Stapleton for their vision and resourcefulness. Throughout the process, the Committee made every effort to involve the community each step of the way.

Our community partners have given unstintingly of their scientific knowledge about our lake and its environment. Together we learned about its strengths and weaknesses. Tay Valley Township, in particular, Keith Kerr, Township Reeve, Susan Freeman, Deputy Reeve, and Noelle Reeve, planner, have been especially collaborative in the quest to come up with appropriate development and land use polices for Farren Lake.

Most importantly, the value and commitment of property owners to the preservation and improvement of the lake’s health and its environment became apparent early in the process and is reflected in the Plan. With this knowledge, it gives me great pleasure to know the stewardship of the lake for future generations is assured.

Thank you.

Eugenia Flett, President
Farren Lake Property Owners Association