Rideau Valley Conservation Aurthority (RVCA)

The RVCA is one of Ontario's 36 Conservation Authorities. It is responsible for furthering the conservation, restoration, development and management of natural resources in the watershed. Visit


Rideau Valley Conservation Authority have a great offer this year with respect to Shore Line Naturalization! They will come to your property and provide an on-site visit/consultation, a custom planting plan and even plant the agreed to plants for free (in 2020). It doesn't get better than that! The plants will be native species designed to improve the beauty of the shoreline and minimize phosphate run off. Note that they will provide the same free services for areas between your septic system and the lake. Adding plants anywhere between your septic system and the shoreline, especially for older septic systems that are within the 100' current minimum, will increase phosphate uptake  and hence reduce what is going into the lake. This is part of our Lake Association phosphate reduction plan. 

FLPOA are hoping to help manage the site visit dates to reduce travel time for the RVCA staff as they are driving from Manotick so if you are interested in participating please let George and/or I know and then we can try and group the visits. Weekdays would be preferred, if possible, but it's not necessary.

RVCA Letter which provides additional information including potential plants that they may use. 

Dave Volkmer,FLPOA Board member,


RVCA Shoreline Restoration Program - Farren Lake 2020
RVCA staff worked solo to comply with proper COVID-19 restrictions