Annual General Meeting

Date: 20 May, 2017


2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Location:  ABC Hall, Bolingbrooke
Event: Afternoon Tea – including coffee, cakes and juice
Cost: No charge for FLPOA members




Annual Meeting Minutes

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Farren Lake Property Owners' Association

Annual General Meeting May 21, 2016, 14:00 hrs

ABC Hall


Presiding:       Mrs. Jackie Stapledon


Opening Remarks: (Jackie Stapledon)

  • Jackie welcomed all attendees (52) and introduced the current Executive of the Farren Lake Property Association.  Ron Fitzgerald and Kris MacDonald sent regrets.

  • Jackie asked for comments on the meeting minutes of the 2015 Annual General Meeting of the Farren Lake Property Association. These were sent to the membership by email earlier. There were no comments.  Eugenia Flett made a motion to accept the minutes as read, seconded by Vaida Hicks.  Motion was carried.

  • Jackie introduced Tay Valley Township Reeve, Keith Kerr and Planner, Noelle Reeve.


Report by Tay Valley Township Reeve, Keith Kerr:

  • There will be reconstruction of County Road #6 from Hanna Road to County Road #10.

  • There will be reconstruction carried out on County Road #36.

  • There will be some changes to the landfill operations, including a reduction in the number of stickers from 40 to 30, for each property.  Also a requirement is being introduced to use clear plastic garbage bags.


Report by Tay Valley Township Planner, Noelle Reeve:

  • The new Township Official Plan was passed/adopted by Council in January 2016.

  • The Township is now in the process of updating the Zoning Bylaw.  There is a three (3) year window for completion of the new Zoning bylaw.  The first “Open House” and public meeting for updating of the Zoning Bylaw was held in March 2016.  Noelle encouraged the Lake Association’s participation in the drafting of the new bylaw.

  • The Township has received a grant from the Province for the development of an “Age Friendly Community”.  There will be a Public Meeting on July 11, 2016.

  • The Township is involved with the 200th Anniversary Celebrations of the Perth Military Settlement.  Among may other things, this celebration will include the Scotch line History Fair (June 12, 2016), the Lanark County Plowing Match (August 20, 2016) and various other events over the remainder of the year.  Information on all activities is available on the website.


Report by Love Your Lake Assistant (Watershed Canada), Gillian Rohonczy: 

A slide presentation was given.

  • Shoreline reports, prepared last year by Watershed Canada, are still available. Gillian explained that they were difficult to get online at the time, but that has been corrected.

  • A program to naturalize your shoreline is available through Love Your Lake whereby they will visit your site, make recommendations for naturalizing the shoreline, prepare a planting/site plan, procure planting material and assist in the planting of the materials.


Guest Speaker Kay Rogers (Pike Lake)

  • Kay Rogers spoke about the history behind 200th Anniversary celebrations of the Perth Military Settlement.  A half hour excellent slide presentation along with many stories of well- known land owners in the area.

  • It was a very interesting and entertaining subject for the audience.

  • Her book, At Home in Tay Valley is available at the Township Hall.


Jackie announced a short break and thanked the kitchen workers, Trish, Vi, Donna and also her daughter Karen for providing the projector etc.   The business meeting was then started.


Treasurer’s Report:

  • The report was prepared by Ron Fitzgerald, and in his absence, presented by Donna Hobson. Some copies were available on each table.

  • Membership is stable at about 80 each year. 

  • Revenues and expenses were generally unchanged and there was a modest surplus of $800.

  • Gail Graser moved acceptance of the Treasurer’s report, seconded by Donna Hobson.  Motion was carried.


Election of Officers:

  • Steven Hick presided over this activity.

  • He noted that there would be a need to replace the president of the Association as well as Lea Barker, who was stepping down from the executive and his role as newsletter editor.

  • The existing slate of officers was nominated for re-election, and included Jackie Stapledon, Donna Hobson, Kristi Macdonald, Lee Barker (till 2017), Ron Fitzgerald, Vaida Hick, Steve Hick, Jim Marshall, John Ficner, George Willett, Mike Denomme.  Motion to accept nominees for the executive made by Helen Natterer, seconded by Sara Iley. 

  • Motion was carried.

  • Paul Seidl was nominated and accepted as a new member-at-large.

  • George Willett was nominated by John Ficner, seconded by Eugenia Flett, as the new President of the Association.  He was acclaimed.


Gypsy Moth Traps

  • This has been an annual undertaking by Ann & Nick Johns and our thanks go to them for a job well done.  Gord Macdonald is the new convenor for the gypsy moth trap program.  Gord can be reached at (519) 735-1700.  Cost for a pkg of 5 traps is $35.00 for 2016.


New Business:

  • Ruth & Branth Buckwell have now taken over the Secci Disk (Lake Partner Program) from Jackie Stapledon.  An excellent report in our May Newsletter.

  • Fun Day will not be held this year as Rachael Collishaw, past convenor, is away this summer when it would normally be scheduled.  Jackie asked for anyone interested in helping to organize a Fun Day for this summer to please let us know. 

  • Mike Denomme will not be able to convene the Farren Lake Golf Day this year.  Paul Sedl has agreed to try to organize one later in the summer (time as yet unknown).

  • Anyone interested in taking over or helping with the newsletter is encouraged to speak with Lea Barker.  Lee said he would be happy to provide a template and all background material.

  • A Cottage Succession workshop will be held in Perth on Sunday, August 14, 2016.  Speaker will be Peter Lillico.  This will be free to all members of the Farren Lake Property Owners Association as we are members of FOCA.   A DVD was produced last year on this subject – and is also available from Jackie Stapledon.

  • Watershed Watch send staff (RVCA) once a month to sample and test our Lake water.

  • All were invited to visit the Farren Lake Website.


George Willet, new President of Farren Lake Property Association spoke briefly:

  • George recognized Jackie Stapledon’s long and diligent efforts on the executive.

  • He spoke briefly about the development of the McCann property. Trees were recently cut in the wetland area, contrary to the conditions on the property.  The Township has issued a cease and desist order, prohibiting further removals, pending Site Plan approval – which has not been yet obtained.

  • George recognized Steve and Vaida Hicks for their recent success as gold medallists in the senior dragon boat competition in Australia.

  • George recognized Gord and Kris MacDonald for their recent cross country bicycle trip from Comox, BC to Farren Lake, ON last summer.


Jackie thanked everyone for their support over the past year and for their help today.

 Thanks also to John Ficner for once again providing the sound system.


The meeting ended with door prize draws for various Tay Valley goodies supplied by the Township. 

Adjournment  4:10 p.m.




Annual General Meeting, May 16, 2015 (Love a Tree Day!)


1. Welcome:

        As Chairman, Jackie Stapledon welcomed the 62 attending members and said how pleased she was at the turnout when we all have so much to do at the cottage.  Because of sending the Newsletter and Membership form by email for the first time, we were not sure how it would affect the attendance.

 The meeting was called to order at 2:10 pm in the ABC Hall.


2. Objects of the Association:

        In response to requests from new members, Kris McDonald read out the three objectives of the FLPOA as follows:-

(i)    To do everything possible to preserve and improve the water quality and maintain and restore the shoreland environment so that Farren Lake will be clean and beautiful for present and future generations.

(ii)   To encourage and educate members as stewards of the lake to ensure that  the best practices in lake management are diligently enforced;

(iii) To make representations to the appropriate Civic bodies when the action of person or persons threatens the water or environment of Farren Lake.


3.  Minutes of May 17, 2014:

        The minutes had been distributed via e-mail for all to read ahead of time so Mike Denomme moved they be approved and Laurie McEwan seconded the motion which was carried by all present.


4. Keith Kerr - Reeve of Tay Valley Township:

        Keith gave his annual update regarding staff changes within the Municipality and also news about road construction planned for  2015.  This lead to several question about works that had been started in 2014 but not finished and also the condition of the Christie Lake Road verges and Keith agreed to look into these issues.


5.  Noelle Reeves - Municipal Planner:

        Noelle’s speaking notes and slides are attached and she centred her comments on activities connected with:

(a) The Official Plan (presently with the County and expected back in 1-2 months when the Municipality will review the by-laws that could be changed as a result of the new Official Plan.  There will be public meetings once these are being planned.

(b) The Strategic Plan last updated in 2013 and which will be re-addressed in 2017.  Tay Valley Township is soliciting input on everyone’s vision for the future on the Township.

(c) The 2016 is the 200th Anniversary for Tay Valley Township (see slide presentation attached for all the planned activities).

(d) Today’s opening of an electric car charging station at the Fall River Restaurant on Hwy 7 near  Maberly.

(e) Noelle urged everyone present to pick up the OPP flyers on a talk to be given ?????

(f) The update on last year’s request for revision to the by-laws for the severed property on the lake.   The Township is waiting for the Owner’s revision so that Noelle can take them to Council for approval.

(g) In response to a query about Hydro One charges for seasonal occupants, Noelle said it could only go up (9%?).


6. Kaitlin Brady - Rideau Valley Conservation Authority:

        Kaitlin gave an excellent presentation on the various algae that can occur in our lake especially the blue green agae and also addressed the ‘arrival’ of zebra mussels (an invasive species) in Farren Lake.  (Presentation will be posted on our Website).  Question session followed.


BREAK 3:15 - 3:30 pm.


7. Treasurer’s Report:

         Ron Fitzgerald’s financial report is attached and copies were also distributed at the meeting.  Jackie expressed the thanks and appreciation of all members for ‘keeping the books’ in such good order.


8. Gypsy Moth Traps:

        This year, the order for traps was included on the membership forms and Gord McDonald distributed the trap kits to those who had ordered them.

The new system is less onerous than in the past.


9. Executive:

        The positions of President and Secretary are vital to the running of the FLPOA and its very existence is at risk if the vacancies are not addressed.  The message was well received and after the group passed a motion that the existing Executive be confirmed for another year (proposed by Kris McDonald and seconded by Eugenia Flett), nominations were received as follows:-


DIRECTORS at large: Vaida Hick & Steve Hick nominated by Kris McDonald and Seconded by Gail Graser - Carried.

Kris McDonald as SECRETARY - nominated by Jackie Stapledon and seconded by Gail Graser - Carried.

George Willet - nominated as VICE-PRESIDENT by Kris McDonald and seconded by Ruth Easton - Carried.

PRESIDENT Jackie Stapledon nominated by Gail Graser and seconded by Kris McDonald - Carried.


This successful conclusion regarding the composition of the Executive was well received and ensures a vibrant continuation of our mission.


10. Other Business:

        - Fire Permits - Mike Denome emphasized that permits are required for any outdoor fire and that the present dry conditions make this more important.  A permit is easy to obtain by telephone (# is in the Newsletter) and it can be obtained by e-mail.  The ruling applies to all open fires and it is important to have a hose nearby and to wet the ground first.

        - Golf Tournament - Mike Denomme said that in view of the success last year, a tournament is being arranged for Friday, July 3 at 2:00 pm at the Rideau Lakes Golf Club.  There will be 9 holes with a social afterwards.  A flyer is available at the back of the Hall.

        - Blind - Jackie had received an email from Mrs. Burns on property FL Road 32 that a blind had been set up whether for photography or hunting, it is still trespassing on Mrs. Burns’ property. Jackie asked that if anyone has information about this to speak to her after the meeting.

        - ABC Hall - Jackie noted that there are two notices at the back of the Hall such as the June 14 ‘Tartan Tea’ with tickets available and order forms for the popular Wilton Cheese.

        - The 62nd wedding anniversary of Jackie and Brian was announced giving rise to applause and cheers from all present.                               

        - Jackie mentioned that all the FLPOA Newsletters from 1974 to 2013 are available on CD for $3 and can be ordered from John Ficner.

        -Thanks to Gail Graser for doing the Minutes and thanks also to Jackie's daughters, Janet & Karen in the kitchen.

        - The draw took place with all winners being present which added to the very positive atmosphere of the gathering.


11. Adjournment:

         The meeting ended at 4:20 pm.







Annual General Meeting

Saturday, May 17, 2014.

Althorpe and Bolingbroke Community Hall

1.      Welcome:

On behalf of the Executive of the FLPOA, Jackie Stapledon welcomed the unexpectedly large group of some 70 Farren Lake property owners, both full-time residents and cottagers.  The meeting was called to order at 2:10 pm. 

2.   Handbook:

Jackie gave a walk-through of the Handbook which contained the Agenda, last year’s Minutes,  Financial statements, Water Level data and Water Quality report. Greg Clark moved the acceptance of the 2013 minutes and this was seconded by Gail Graser. 

3.   Executive:

Jackie introduced the members of the Executive and those shown below have agreed to stand for the future year:

President:               VACANT

Secretary:               VACANT

Treasurer:               Ronald Fitzgerald

Directors:               John Ficner (Web Master)

                              Lea Barker (Water Levels and Newsletter)

                              Jim Marshall (Lake expertise of decades)

                              Jackie Stapledon (Membership)

                              Greg Clark

                              Mike Denomme

                              Donna Hobson

                              Kris McDonald

Jackie mentioned that while she will continue as Membership Secretary, she can no longer continue as Secretary so we are in urgent need of both a President and a Secretary – please all give this matter your serious attention as these two positions are vital to the health of the Association. 

4.    Algae Blooms

There has been a marked increase in algae bloom occurrences in all lakes of the area and Mike Lee from the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) has written two reports to back up an application for a Trillium Grant.  This has been successful and the RVCA has been awarded $140,000 to investigate the phenomena. 

5.   Gypsy Moths

The need to be ever vigilant was emphasized and the usual traps are available from Nick Johns for $35 a pack with 5 traps in each pack.  A sheet was passed around for orders and Nick asked that payment be made today if possible

    6.   Tay Valley Township:

Keith Kerr (Reeve) and Noelle  Reeve (City Planner) attended on behalf of the Township with Reeve Kerr outlining staff changes as well as information about the opening of a new ‘recycled’ building  on Hanna Road.

Noelle then gave an excellent presentation (attached) on a number of programs being carried out by the Township.  This included an update on the Official Plan, the plans for the 200th anniversary of the Township in 2016, a new interactive Township web site and the 2014 elections in October 2014.

Noelle gave explanations of the various areas identified on the maps in the presentation:  abandoned mines (application to the Department of Mines must be made if you intent to build close to these sites), 4 new areas of Provincial Significant Wetlands (protected) and Significant Woodlands where the Ministry of Natural resources seeks to protect rare and/or old trees.

Noelle’s presentation was followed by a question period:

a)   Jackie asked her to outline the procedures necessary for someone who has purchased a property and wishes to build.  The land owner must apply for a permit and should speak to Noelle.  If the application requires any re-zoning or deviations from the Official Plan requirements, there is a process outlined by the Township.  If there is contention, a meeting or meetings are arranged to enable council to appreciate all sides of the issue before making a decision.

b)  A participant  (Mike Denomme) asked if there is a cap on the number of cottages on Farren Lake.  Noelle replied that most of the usable land is already owned so it is a question of severances.

 New development will be subject to all  by-laws  emerging from the  new  Official Plan (e.g. 100m back from water line).  Existing lots that cannot meet this environmental impact statement will have to look for other solutions.  Re-zoning applications are on the agenda 30 days after being published in the local paper (EMC).  There will be one in the EMC next week because of the applicant’s proposal  being  within 100 meters of the lake.

       c)   Discussion about fill being used for portions of wetland and Noelle said she would be going out to the site in question on Monday.

        7.   Barbara King (Director - Centre for Sustainable Watersheds):

Barbara was hoping everyone had ordered their FREE copy of the report recently    published by her organization "Love Your Lake".  It emerged that not everyone had received the promotional card for the report and that the 'process' of ordering was not simple.  These glitches have now been straightened out and she encouraged everyone to call her (card distributed) if they didn't receive a copy.  She also mentioned that because funding had come from several sources, there was enough for RVCA (Andrea Klimko) to help people plan water front improvements and to even supply plants and help with planting.

Roy Flett asked if the survey and subsequent report would be carried out every   5 or 10 years and Barbara said there are no plans yet.

Eugenia Flett encouraged everyone to participate in the program for re-naturalization of their waterfront.

  8.   Eric Kohlsmith (Mississipi and Rideau Conservation Authorities - Septic  Inspector:

Eric said there had been 23 inspections on Farren lake in 2013 (7 were OK, 13 needed some remedial work and 1 needed replacement).  The re-inspection for Farren Lake are on a 10-year cycle.  There are144 parcels within 30 metres of the lake of which 118 have been inspected.  There is always a mailing to owners prior to their inspection.  Eric went on to explain various types of system, some of which require permits.  One cottage owner asked about voluntary inspections and Eric replied that they can be done but priority has to be given to those on the schedule.  Also, another owner asked about the construction of cess- pool pits so Eric explained.  He also emphasized the difference between a composting toilet and reeler compost.

Randy Cherry encouraged people to read "The Humanure Handbook" by Joseph Jenkins   (she had copies available at $20).

                         15 Minute Break 

          9.   Wendy Briggs-Jude (Naturalist):

Wendy is a close neighbour and lives on a beautiful acreage with very natural habitats of woodland, ponds, grasses as well as a cultivated garden. She shared with us a 'Photo Album' of the extensive wildlife on this particular region of Lanark County (her property is just on the border).  Her photographs were excellent and covered some 110 species and the images were accompanied by knowledgeable commentary as well as delightful anecdotes.

        10.   Other Business:

      Because of the late hour, this section was short with Jackie encouraging people to look at the ABC Hall Website because there are many interesting and fun activities held there. She also reported that her regular meetings with the OPP produced a lot of useful insights and information that she will send out to the membership by email. 

If anyone would like a copy of the History of Farren Lake that Lea barker wrote two years ago, he will have a further printing and they should let him know. 

         11.   Presentation:

Jackie made a presentation to Eugenia Flett in recognition of her unflagging service to the Association not only serving on the Executive but filling the position of President for some seven years during which time the "State of the Lake" report and ensuing "Action Plan" were produced; a mammoth effort.  In addition she maintained excellent liaison with the Township, other Lake Associations, the OPP and many other related NGO's and various government departments at all levels.  This liaison work takes up a greet deal of time and Eugenia's work was exceptional. 

     12.  Draw:

There were several items given out for door prizes so many participants could go home with their 'trophies'! 

   13.   Adjournment:     Meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.





Annual General Meeting - May 18, 2013.

Althorpe and Bolingbroke Community Hall,

Tay Valley Township

 1.  Welcome and Call to Order:

Jackie Stapledon in her capacity as Acting President and Chair of the meeting welcomed the 50 members present and mentioned that our departing President, Eugenia Flett, was away in Italy celebrating her 50th wedding anniversary.  A well-deserved rest after seven years as an exceptionally hard-working President devoted to the cause of keeping our lake and environment clean and healthy.

Jackie explained the layout of the Handbook that members had been given which contained all relevant reports along with an agenda.

She also thanked Gail Graser for taking the minutes of the meeting.


 2.  Last year’s Minutes:

The Minutes were inadvertently omitted from the handbook so Jackie made a précis and John Ficner agreed to put them on our web page for all to see.


3.  Elections/Executive:

Jackie introduced members of the Executive present, Lea Barker, Greg Clark, Mike Donomme, John Ficner, Ron Fitzgerald and Jim Marshall. (Martin Hiltz and Eugenia Flett, unable to attend.)  She then called on Mike, Chairman of the Nominating Committee and he explained that so far a new President had not been found but two people did express and interest in participating as Directors. All members of the present executive have agreed to remain for another term of one year.

4.  Dam Management:

Lea Barker, the Director working with the Ministry of Natural Resources to manage the dam, gave the background to the current problem that has arisen regarding snow clearance to render the dam accessible in winter.  At present Lea is working with David Coleman (the new MNR representative) to determine the history and origins of the dam and its management.  In addition to the snow removal problem there is the ongoing issue of beaver activity and also the disposition of ploughed snow; last winter all the snow and gravel was heaped into the driveway of Laurie McEwan.

Lea and David Coleman will report further in the next Newsletter.  It was agreed that the existence of the dam and its management have served Farren Lake very well over the years in keeping lake levels relatively stable.


             5.  Algae Bloom Monitoring:

Jackie Stapledon, (as Director responsible for water testing as well as Executive Secretary) reported on Mike Yee’s (RVCA) work with lakes to provide the results of his research to the community.

RVCA will be setting up a survey system by next summer for volunteers to check and report on regular algae seen over the summer months.

Mike has asked that if people see “clumps” of algae that are new, specially the blue/green type, they must contact the RVCA where there is a hot line devoted to this topic.


6.  Gypsy Moth Traps:

Ann & Nick Johns are coordinating the program this year and announced that packages of 5 traps are available for $35 and would like orders and money in advance to keep the process simple.  Interested members were to sign a list being sent around.


7.  Lake Partner Program (water testing):

Jackie described the Secchi Disc testing that has been done for the past 40 years and also the annual phosphate test done in early each spring.

Watershed Watch is provided by RVCA and continues each month over the summer.  These results show oxygen levels, phosphates, e-coli etc.  and are shown in our annual newsletters.


8.  Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RCVA):

The issue of shoreline planting is being addressed by the RVCA and their staff will come to your property to assess what is needed to maintain and/or restore the shoreline to its natural state if invited.  Sign up list available.


 9.  Lake Networking Meetings:

Jackie described the benefits of these quarterly meetings where executive   members from many lakes in Eastern Ontario get together to share common issues and solutions.  Karen and Murray Hunt from Otty Lake set up this Group which is proving highly successful.


 10. Tay Valley Township Presentation:

Keith Kerr (Reeve) and Noelle Reeve (Planner) were present and Noelle gave a succinct overview of activities and priorities in the Township which included:-

            - 200 year anniversary of the Township in 2016

One of the celebratory items will be a history book being compiled by Kay Rogers from Pike Lake and she is interested in receiving any stories people may have.

- The Strategic Plan for the Township was to be approved by Council the   following Tuesday.

- The Official Plan Review, which is conducted every 5 years and is due to be re-examined in 2013, will address zoning by-laws as well as many other topics which Noelle listed.

- The Interim Control By-law affecting Adam Lake and Farren Lake expires May 22nd, so the question of what is to be done now to lower phosphorous levels is being examined. 

The mandatory septic inspection program is now in place and Council has approved it as one of the main steps taken. Also, wherever a new system is to be installed, the best phosphorous removal technology is to be used. 


       The following are a few other suggested points given by Noelle

 .students are being hired this summer to assess the use of fertilizers on  lawns   

.naturalized shoreline to a depth of 3m    (Ribbon of Life is 30m)

.shoreline assessment around the lake as a possible project

.site plan control audits

.narrow channel policy

.recognition of landowner efforts to protect lake water quality and shorelines


Following this presentation, there were questions and discussion pertaining to the phosphorous issue and what steps individual cottage owners can take.


BREAK -  Coffee and cakes still available


11. Presentation by Karl Fiander:

      “Waterfront Property Taxes - What’s Happening”

As Past President of FOCA (Federation of Ontario Cottagers) and present member of WRAFT (Waterfront Ratepayers After Fair Taxes).  Karl gave a very interesting, enlightening and entertaining presentation on the question of taxes paid by cottage owners. 

A question period followed.    (Slides are attached)

Greg Clark thanked Karl and presented him with some Maple Syrup from his own property.


12. Miscellaneous Announcements:

Jackie highlighted the following items:

             - Don’t forget Gypsy Moth traps sign up sheet;

             - RCVA is selling rain barrels for $55 June 15 in Westport

               from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm and there is a sign-up list;

             - ABC Newsletter (Martin Yates) can be received by e-mail and also available on our web site.

             - Proposed e-mail listing of things for sale; pontoon boats, sail boats,etc... will be organized between both groups at a later date.

             - Garage Sale to be held at ABC Hall June 29.

             - Cobblestones management is looking for part-time help.


Chairperson thanked the kitchen helpers, and Gail for taking the minutes.


The meeting adjourned at 4:15 pm




Annual General Meeting

            ABC Hall, Saturday, May 19th, 2012, 2:00 p.m.

  1. Welcome – President Eugenia Flett gave a warm welcome to everyone and then introduced the present executive along with their positions on the board.  Eugenia explained that Monty Doyle had resigned a few months earlier and that we would be looking at the elections later on the agenda.

  2. Introduction to Handbook
    Eugenia pointed out that the Agenda was there and she went quickly through the remaining items recommending that the members read in detail later.
    The Minutes from May 2011 were adopted as distributed. A motion to adopt the minutes was made by Roy Flett and seconded by Dave Iley.  Carried.

  3. Election of Executive
    Eugenia explained that she had decided to remain as President for another year but that Gail Graser was retiring.  Due to the fact that Monty had resigned earlier we required two additional people to serve on the board.  Eugenia gave a special thanks to Gail and Monty for all the work they both contributed over the years and especially the Lake Stewardship Action Plan.
    Eugenia then turned the meeting over to Jackie who spoke for the nominating committee.
    The nominating committee contacted a few people prior to the AGM without luck. Jackie asked if there was an interest by anyone at this time to please see her following the meeting.

  4. Gypsy Moth Traps
    Ann Johns had passed around a paper for people to sign that required traps again this year. She expected the price to remain at $35 each as in previous years. A brief explanation of the moth problem was given and explained how much the traps help keep the moth population down.

  5. Update from Tay Valley Township – Noelle Reeve, TVT Planner
    -There will be mandatory septic re-inspection this year.  Plan to check 7 lakes 40  never done on Farren - 20 this year and 20 next year.
    -Propane burners are available for some septic systems.
    -Interim Control By Law took effect November 22, 2011– Noelle explained the freeze on new development for Farren Lake and Adam Lake for one year.  Farren is not eutrophic but lacks optimal levels of dissolved oxygen for the stocking of splake.  Adam Lake has much algae and is not good for swimming therefore the freeze is on severances and renovations as well.
    - The Inter -agency Working Group has been formed – two meetings so far have  been held to determine how best to protect these lakes.  The Working Group will recommend Lake management strategies to TVT Council before the Interim Control By-law expires.
    -A grant was given last year for a cultural heritage project – appealed to the membership for suggestions.
    -Bolingbroke to receive a ‘Hamlet sign’. Noelle said one was rejected earlier as it was inappropriate but that Council is looking at new designs. Bolingbroke was an industrial center  – any information on historical buildings etc.  call TVT.  Summer student will collect data.
    -The Official Plan will be updated in 2013.
    -Noelle opened the floor for questions.   – Kris McDonald asked about boathouses.  Kris had read they were allowed on some lakes without a permit.  Reply- It would depend on the by-laws in that township – not allowed in TVT.
    Question on how often will the septic system inspection be done. Reply – every 10 years.

  6. Lake Stewardship Action Plan – Gail Graser
    Everyone was given a copy of the completed Lake Stewardship Action Plan.  It is    the culmination of six years of hard work by the executive and especially by Gail and Eugenia for this final part.   This book follows the State of the Lake Report presented at the AGM in 2009, and the outstanding recommended actions on land use and development, septic standards and responsible boating approved by the membership at the 2011 AGM.

    Gail stated that water quality was at the top of the list and we are still consistently having tests done each year through Rideau Valley Conservation.  Algae bloom monitoring will be included next year. 
    Good Boating Practices ‘Code of Behaviour’ was circulated and posted on the website in response to members concern during the vote last year.
    A Fun Day was held in August after many years absence.  An event the executive hopes will continue.

    Gail then reviewed the Lake Stewardship Action Plan with everyone, to help reinforce some of the sections.  This matrix had three major headings -  Recommended Actions, Implementation Status, which summarizes what has been, or is being done, to implement the particular action and The Next Steps.
    Gail explained that this report is a way in which to safeguard our lake and its environs for future generations.
    We have had the cooperation from various groups and other lakes through the Lake Networking Group and the Lake Links Group.  Tay Valley Township has been very supportive and is now working along with us on the Interagency Group to oversee the evolution of the Lake Carrying Capacity Model and the need for prolonging the hold on development around our lake.
    We would like to make a proposal for a Report Card every 5 years to assess where we are and adjust the Plan accordingly.

    Eugenia thanked Gail and said that no vote on the implementation of this report was required.  It is now complete.  A round of applause followed. Eugenia suggested that the members take a coffee break to give the O.P.P. time to set up their display.

  7. Cottage Break-In Prevention Program - David Blair, Constable Lanark OPP
    - Constable David Blair presented the Safe Guard Program to the membership. Before doing so, he mentioned that he grew up in the area and had many good memories from his Bolingbroke connection. Many helpful suggestions for security were given that would be beneficial for city homes as well as our cottages.
    A Safeguard Ontario Tip Sheet is included in the back of the Report Booklet.
    A time for questions followed this interesting and informative presentation.

  8. Other Business
    Jackie gave a web site address for Lake Partners Program and Watershed Watch. These would show the readings taken over the summer months for the water testing and would be of interest to many.
    It was also pointed out that there were several brochures of interest on the front platform or at the table on the way out.

  9.  Adjournment
    Eugenia thanked everyone for coming and the meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.




Annual General Meeting

ABC Hall, Saturday, May 21, 2011


1. Opening and Welcome:

President Eugenia Flett opened the meeting with a warm welcome to the large attendance (approx 73) and said how pleased she was to see so many new faces.  She was also pleased to welcome the strong presence from Tay Valley Township (TVT) with Reeve Keith Kerr, Councilor Mark Burnham and Municipal Planner Noelle Reeve.


2. Introduction to Handbook:

The President went on to run through the contents of the Handbook distributed to all participants.  She asked if there were additions to the agenda and the issue of break-ins was raised.


3. Minutes of 2010 GM:

Corrections were made by Lea Barker (Page 3 Farren Lake’s does feed into Tay) and David Iley’s query (Page 3) clarified that one accessed the defibrillator housed at the ABC Hall by calling 911). Acceptance of the minutes was then moved by Ray Labrosse and seconded by Martin Hiltz and it was so moved.


4. Election of Executive:

The president indicated that she will be retiring next year and that several other members of the executive may also retire over the coming year. She emphasized the need for fresh faces on the Executive and referred to page 14 of the Handbook, which includes a tear-off form for nominations.   Several members of the audience indicated an interest.


     5.   Gypsy Moth Traps:

Ann Johns gave a brief history of the lake’s experiences with Gypsy Moths and the positive results of our efforts. The cost is $35 for 5 traps and they should be put out before the end of June; they will be delivered during the month of June.  

They are easy to assemble and should be suspended from deciduous trees such as oak and elm. Her address is 268 Featherstone Lane.


6. Voluntary Catch Survey:

Martin Hiltz spoke to our summer 2010 survey and also the net survey conducted by the Ontario Ministry. 

Last summer the latter was conducted in shallow water and this year it will be done at greater depths.   Dissolved oxygen levels may be responsible for the lack of splake in both surveys.  It was said that one fisherman caught a White Fish in 20-30 feet of water.


    7. TVT Report:                   

Reeve Keith Kerr said that a recent highlight was the opening of the new Sherbrooke Fire Hall last week with excellent new facilities for housing engines and providing training space.  He also mentioned that there are now 4 defibrillators in the Township.


Councilor Mark Burnham said that the exciting news is that the Official Plan is being revised for 2013 and this will provide an opportunity for groups such as ours to have major input; the Ontario Government, which gives added weight to the Plan, mandated it. The Township is also starting a Strategic Management Plan to ensure the smooth running of the Township and its council.  The TVT provided a display in the ABC Hall showing some of the many topics being covered.  Mark said that after some glitches, the 911 line is working much better.


8.   Planning in Tay Valley Township:

Noelle Reeve discussed the Lakeshore Capacity Handbook and how it showed that the level of phosphorus in the lake is higher than the province believes is healthy. A long-term resident mentioned that this had been the case in the seventies.  Noelle traced the development of the various measures and that lakes are too individual in nature to be addressed by single, rigid parameters.


The Province took a model developed in the Muskokas and used for many years.  This has been updated and revised for application by all lakes.  It requires the determination of ‘background’ phosphorous levels (i.e. those naturally emanating from the lake itself) as the base level and that there should not be an increase over 50% of that level.  In fact, the manual should have been labeled the “Total Phosphorous Handbook” because there are others aspects to consider in the overall decisions regarding development.


Noelle was only made aware of the Handbook last September (by the FLPOA) whereupon she immediately started enquiries and discussions with both the Province and the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA).  The Ministry of Environment explained they had selected Otty, Christie and Farren for trials and that this showed that Christie and Otty were below the level determined as potentially causing negative water quality impacts whereas Farren was more than 50% above.


Discussions over the past four months with both government officials and the people in the Muskokas  have revealed that all agree other factors must be looked at in parallel with the phosphorous counts such as:-

        dissolved oxygen

        presence and spread of algae

        flow models

        vacant lots

        sensitivity of lake

If all these aspects show red flags then the lake can be declared “at capacity” by the Province through the TVT and the RVCA.  The Tay Valley Watershed Plan is referenced in the old Official Plan but now Lake Management Plans (LMPs) such as ours will be referenced. When the last Official Plan was written, LMPs did not exist.

One person said that if a request for rezoning was the catalyst for examination of the Handbook, how did it turn out?  Noelle said that the applicant and the RVCA were able to work out a solution with an increased setback from the lake but that the whole exercise was a wake-up call.

Another participant asked how much potential there was for new development and Noelle said not very much with the call for lots to be at least 60 m. wide on the shoreline.


A question regarding Mr. Castro’s attention to water flows said that they had been looked at in the study.


A question about implementation of the Handbook revealed the Ministry has been developing a plan to train both internally and externally It is now established that internal training will take place this summer and then external training can start in the fall.


There were other questions raised about septic systems and alternatives but as this topic is on the agenda it was deferred.  Noelle said that Eric Kohlsmith (the septic inspector) is very open to alternative solutions and that approvals are based on a site-by-site decision.

Monty asked who makes the final decision and Noelle said it would be the Ministry of Environment providing the science and an interagency meeting with RVCA, MOE and the township would take place with implementation of constraints through the Township Official Plan.

If a lake is deemed ‘at capacity’ what does this mean?

Noelle replied that it means no new severances; it does not mean no new development.  Development would need to meet Best Management Practices which could include increased setbacks and septic alternatives that reduce phosphorus.

Ray Labrosse asked if there are applications for new development on O’Brien Lake.  There are 2 now and have been 3 over the past two years.  (O’Brien L. flows into Farren L.)

Barb King also mentioned that half O’Brien is not developed and it is a concern given that the lake is small and also there is no Lake Association.

Sarah Iley asked if the Muskokas have used the approach for 30 years, have they used it at OMB? 

They have used it successfully by getting site-plan control and controls of percentage of lake front developed; and also by applying management controls such as not cutting down trees, keeping shores wild, only having one path down to the water.

Noelle went on to say that if anyone has further questions or concerns they should call or e-mail her at TVT.


Noelle was thanked for an excellent presentation and forthright answers to questions. Her presentation received spontaneous and enthusiastic applause.


9.   Proposed Actions (follow-up to LMP):


Eugenia introduced this agenda item by indicating that the results of voting that ensues on the proposed actions will establish the association’s priorities and future direction for preserving and improving lake and shoreline health.


Monty Doyle said that Noelle’s presentation was a good lead-in for LMP’s continuing thread of #1 concern:  water quality.


Further testing is being done in addition to our history of testing because we must recognize the threat to our lake water quality.  He then went through the recommendations under Item A of the Handbook item on Page 11.


Randi Cherry asked if we knew of loopholes people might use? Barb King (Centre for sustainable watersheds) responded saying only if you could prove zero output of pollutants.


Another resident (Harry Smith) questioned the connection between water quality and land development.  Noelle replied that the TVT Council is fully cognizant of the need to keep water quality in mind when making development decisions.  Keith Kerr gave an example of Adam Lake when it was near capacity – frontage on the lake was increased from 60 m to 90 m.  Monty spoke to what we are trying to do is to pass on to TVT our concerns.  There was then discussion of the wording of the motions in A to be voted upon and wording was altered (from Page 11 of the Handbook) as follows:-


Motion A3:  To underscore to TVT and Lanark County our prime concern for the preservation of water quality when considering applications from property owners of Farren and O’Brien Lakes for severances, variances (re-zoning), conversions to permanent residences and site plan approvals.

This motion was approved by majority ‘Yeas” and one abstention


Motion A4:  To recommend to TVT and Lanark County to include  the following in development decisions: water quality measures (additional to phosphorous) such as dissolved oxygen, number of undeveloped lots, frequency of algae blooms, and other changes in lake health.


This motion was approved by majority “yeas” and one abstention.


Discussion then moved to Item B, Septic Standards, on page 12 in the Handbook.


Randi Cherry asked what inspections consist of and various property owners responded and described their experiences.  There were questions on the possibility of financial assistance to those forced to improve their systems.  Noelle mentioned that both RVCA and CMHC are both providing assistance and she is investigating the applications and provisions.


Martin Hiltz asked how much weight do our recommendations carry with TVT and Council.  Keith Kerr replied that he has served on Council since 1994 and he emphasized that the voice of property owners carries a great deal of weight.


The only changes to the wording of the motion on Septic Standards were as follows: B5 change the word “municipality” to “TVT” to be consistent with the rest of the document and to add to B6 “or other waste management systems”.


The vote on this motion was carried with one abstention.


Monty then introduced Item C Boating Restrictions (Page 13 of the Handbook).  A request was made to alter the wording of the introduction to the proposed Boating Code, changing  “essential” to “significant”.


There was then discussion of the need to ensure all boats entering the lake are cleaned to avoid invasive species such as Zebra Mussels and Eurasion Watermilfoil.  Do OPP clean their boats?  Yes.  There is a protocol.  Barb King mentioned that O’Brien and Farren are the only lakes that don’t have these two species.


Someone suggested the Blue Herons are instrumental in moving the mussels.  Another person would like to have seen more stringent rules. When the vote was taken to support the proposal, it was unanimous.



10. Other Business:

Several property owners, including Laurance McEwan and         John Ficner, have experienced break-ins over the past six months and they recounted their losses.


OPP will come and inspect your property if you call and if you      see people or vehicles that are unfamiliar you should report them to the OPP and also use the Tip Line.


A property owner asked if we pay the same taxes as year-round owners and the answer is Yes.


Rachel Collishaw said she would be prepared to host a Children’s Fun Event on the August long weekend, and asked anyone interested to contact her.


There was then the draw for the raffle for the three items provided by TVT: a hat, a shirt and a binder.



  11. Adjournment:

The President adjourned the meeting at 4:10 pm and thanked           

            everyone for attending.





MAY 16, 2009, 2:00 PM


President Eugenia Flett welcomed those present (53), pleased that there was such a good turnout.   She then introduced the executive, explaining that Norm Douglas was absent due to health reasons.  Therefore, there would be no Treasurer’s report at this time.   Andrea Klymko also sent apologies.  Eugenia referred people to the Handbook and the attached agenda for the meeting.  


The Minutes from AGM 2008 - Ruth Buckwell moved that the minutes be accepted as read; the motion was seconded by John Ficner and the motion was carried


Tay Valley Township Report – Eugenia introduced Deputy Reeve Susan Freeman.  Susan indicated that taxes had increased by 6%, or $21,000.  In contrast, taxes in neighbouring municipalities were up even more.  The increase was due largely to OPP contracts, and represented the first increase in 5 years.  In addition, the fire department is now charging for every callout.  There has also been a big drop in the world markets for recyclables and as a result they cannot be sold.  TVT has not been sharing in renovations costs for the Smiths Falls and Perth Hospital.  Instead it has given $27,000 each year for 5 years. 3 million will be spent by the TVT to repair roads and bridges, but this will be funded from the reserve fund.  Planning services had previously been contracted out, but the Township has now hired a full time Planner, Noel Reid, beginning June 1st.   In the area of recreation, a new Tri Arena is to be built at Conlon Farm, with two-thirds of the funding coming from Government Grants.  The Township has also applied for a new fire hall in Maberly. The new taxes average approximately $41.00 per $150,000 of assessment.   At the County level the increase in taxes will be 3 %, about $12.30 per $100,000 assessment.


Susan then gave an update on the mining situation.  The change to the Mining Act gives protection to those with surface and sub surface rights.  However, Crown land is not protected.  There are still several aspects of the Act that need to be changed, and both environmental and municipal input is required.  14 claims will be withdrawn in Burgess Township.


Jackie added that handouts were available giving the most recent updates from CMAG.


Martin asked about the assessment increase and queried the methodology and administration of MPAC.  Susan explained that the assessments were based on property market values.


Gypsy Moth Traps – Ann Johns explained how the traps worked and indicated that they could be purchased for $35 per set.  The traps are very worthwhile, particularly in protecting deciduous trees. Eugenia indicated that counts had demonstrated an average of 30 per traps with some individual traps substantially higher.


Election of Treasurer – Norm Douglas was warmly thanked for his many years of service, integrity and honesty.   Jim Marshall then nominated Ron Fitzgerald for the position of Treasurer; the nomination was seconded by Dave Iley and Ron was declared elected.


Lake Management Planning (LMP) 

Gail Graser was introduced and she briefed the membership on the committee’s activities.


A draft copy of the summary chapter of the State of the Lake Report had been handed out at the beginning of the meeting.  The purpose of the report is to bring together information collected and reported over the years by the association and its community partners (township, conservation authorities, and government scientists) on different aspects of the lake’s health and its surroundings.  This report will also serve as a tool for identifying various concerns, and will serve as a baseline for future monitoring and stewardship initiatives.


Gail indicated that the survey done in 2007 had revealed that water quality, water levels, environment, fishing, mining, land use and development, emergency services, and overall enjoyment of the lake were all important areas.  Committees had been set up to work on each of these issues and to bring together current knowledge and future concerns. The final report is expected to be completed by July.  Gail then drew attention to a workshop being planned for August 15, and it is important that as many people as possible attend. Gail also requested feedback on the report indicating that it was important to know whether the main issues had been appropriately identified and whether changes were required.  She urged everyone to talk with their neighbours and to get people interested.


Eugenia then introduced Monte Doyle.


Monte pointed out that the water quality reports were showing that phosphate levels had increased This is a concern as phosphates affect oxygen levels, which in turn determine the species and types of fish that survive in the lake.  He indicated that we should encourage the use of environmentally friendly products, noting the importance of reading labels carefully. There are several major sources of phosphates, including lawn fertilizers, dishwasher discharge, etc.   He suggested Foodsmiths in Perth as a very good source for the best phosphate-free products, and indicated that some samples were available on the back table.


Susan Freeman made an excellent presentation showing how environmental damage can be reversed if people are conscious of what they use in their septic systems.  When her house was purchased, on the Tay River in Bolingbroke, there had been green slimy algae all along the edge of the river.  Jamie Saunders, the TVT Septic Inspector, had suggested a grease trap for the septic tank.  In addition, he urged her not to use bleach and to switch to Native Clean products.  Susan said it had taken 8 years, but eventually the green slime has disappeared.


As she was on Council, she was aware that many lakes in TVT that were working to keep their lakes clean.  Little Silver Lake, for example, had asked for volunteers to put dye in their toilets to check for leakages and to pinpoint septic problems.    She also indicated that the Township has an ongoing program for septic inspections and re-inspections.


Calvin Thompson asked Susan whether there was any public feedback about the septic inspections.  Susan answered that an inspection and public release of the results were mandatory, if the Township received an official complaint.  Otherwise the results were kept confidential.  However, the Province is apparently considering changing this.


Alex Meldrum mentioned the 1995 septic survey that the association had paid to have done.  Nothing had ever come of it, as the Township at that time would not release the results.  Susan assured everyone that there is enforcement now.




Other Business


Creel Survey – Martin Hiltz presented a fishing survey, and distributed forms that could be filled in to show the types of fish being caught in the lake.  It has been 20 years since the MNR has done a survey of our lake, so this would be helpful information.

OPP meeting – Jackie reported that a Marine Unit will be setting up a schedule and will try and visit all lakes within this area.  People should make sure that they have all the mandatory equipment in their boats, as fines have been increased this year. 


It was noted that the OPP do wash their boats between visiting lakes.


Emerald Ash borer – Ann Williams stressed that due to the Ash disease, it is important not to move wood to other areas.  Ottawa has a wood removal ban.   Many informative articles have recently been published on this beetle.


Vial of Life - Jackie had several vials available, provided by the VON.  They are for seniors with medical problems; the details of all the medications are recorded on paper in the vial and, if an emergency occurs, the medics can see right away the person’s medical background. 


Road Reps Required -   The Association is looking for volunteers to represent various roads on the lake to ensure the effective distribution of information to the membership.


John Ficner noted that he had recently sighted a black bear and suggested that people check MNR  website for information on how to avoid attracting bears to their property.


Eugenia noted that the executive was reviewing the fees for membership in the association and that they may be increased next year, partly as a result of  the additional expenses associated with the Lake Management Plan. 


Monte had Eugenia draw for the door prizeJim Marshall won a bag of Eco friendly products.


 Eugenia thanked everyone for coming.       


Adjournment - 3:50 pm   Moved by Roy Flett and seconded by Ruth Easton     Carried





MAY 20, 2006, 2:00 PM

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 pm by President Eugenia Flett, who welcomed the 62 members present. She then invited all to enjoy the refreshments that had been provided and renew acquaintances with neighbours around the lake.

The meeting reconvened at 2:30 pm with Eugenia explaining our handbook and then asked Lea Barker to read the Minutes of May 21, 2005.

Motion to accept minutes as read, by Guy Leclaire and Dave Iley. Carried.

Tay Valley Township Report given by Reeve Keith Kerr. The County has approved rebuilding of the Deacon bridge near Hanna Rd. Several townships are continuing to work together and follow the West Nile problem. A new sweeper has been purchased to make it safer for traffic on back roads. A.T.V’s are still not allowed on roads. Several break-ins around the Glen Tay area and an arrest was made recently. The Official Plan will be reviewed this year. The septic re-inspection is continuing this year, with Jamie Saunders as the new head of this project.

Fire Chief Rick Hanna introduced by Eugenia. A very informative presentation with slides, was given by Rick, focusing on many safety measures that should be taken. Legislation was changed in March and it is law to have smoke alarms in all buildings over 100 sq. ft. Batteries should be changed twice each year and the smoke alarm should be replaced in 5 years. It is an offence to remove the battery from the alarm and homeowners can be subject to fines. A question period followed. Fire permits from 2006 are under review but permits for 2005 can still be used this year by calling 267-2596.

Gypsy Moth Traps - shown by Ann Johns. Ann explained that 3 traps come in a package for $35.00 and could be ordered by giving her your name. Apparently a new influx of the Gypsy Moth has been noted in Mississauga and possibly heading this way.

Eugenia called on Lea Barker to give us an update on his project of recording Farren Lake History. This will be an ongoing endeavour and Lea would like any information on early residents around the lake, also pictures that might be available.

Election of Executive – Eugenia explained that the present executive will remain for a second year and that a V.P. will be chosen from this group.

New Business - It was suggested that our website should be put on the cover of future handbooks. The President referred to the Road Reps, and a meeting will be set up with them, sometime this summer. Jackie read a list of Reps names covering the 10 roads, but asked for more volunteers, especially on the longer roads that have 25 or more cottages.

The Reps will help cottagers keep in touch with the executive with suggestions etc., report new residents and also promote joining the membership.

Lake Management Planning - Gail Graser introduced Sheanna Tinlin, Project Manager for LMP who gave an excellent overview of the program.

We as cottagers enjoy numerous pleasures at the lake and through Lake Management Planning there is a Strategic Action Plan to follow, which can help us preserve and protect these various things.

Issues could be water quality, water levels, noise pollution, redevelopment etc.

Sheanna explained that by having goals and objectives to identify and protect not only a clean lake but our investment. This would also promote community discussion and education.

LMP can help to bring the community together and work towards these goals, by doing shoreline restoration, septic re-inspection, ecosystem monitoring, communication and ice watching. These all help to keep our lake clean and by education and some guidance this can be accomplished. Sheanna is available to help us in this regard but it will take volunteers and commitment on our part.

Eugenia then introduced Susan O’Brien MacTaggart President of Bobs and Crow Lake Association. Bob’s Lake is in the process of Lake Management Planning. Susan gave us the benefits and challenges in taking this on. She said Bob’s received a grant from Trillium and it has been challenging but very rewarding. Education has been the main force and now Campgrounds on the lake are communicating with the executive etc and the response from the residents has been overwhelming.

Jim Marshall thanked Susan for her very informative talk, which gave us lots to think about. Lea asked Susan how it would benefit our lake if we took this on. She said mostly educating the cottagers, boat problems, invasive species, and mainly more communication with everyone.

Eugenia called for a coffee break at this time.

Mining Rights - Paul Martin introduced Wendy Hassard, President of Citizen’s Mining Advisory Group.

Wendy’s family has had a cottage on Otty Lake for 46 years and just three years ago they found mining stakes on their property. Same thing has happened on several other lakes in TVT. Since that time she has spent thousands of dollars and time fighting the Ministry of Mines. Her talk was very interesting and made everyone in attendance take notice of what terrible things can happen. She suggested that everyone check to make sure that a title search on their property is done for ‘mining rights’. A map was posted, the yellow areas show ‘no rights underground’ and the black circles show that you might own or a third party could own the ‘rights’. Forty-year searches of property deeds revealed that when landowners couldn’t pay their taxes, the mineral rights were forfeited to the crown.

Mining laws go back to 1868 with no change, therefore they are archaic. The mining company is not subject to trespass laws and landowners only have 1 year to fight the claim, which is almost impossible as the cards are stacked against the property owner. Wendy suggested we all read the Mining Act – 137 pages. Nothing to prevent environmental damage, wells damaged and lakes could be polluted.

Wendy’s story was captivating and held everyone’s attention. Many questions followed.

She invited anyone interested, to join CMAG for $5.00, their annual meeting will be August 19th

at Burgess Hall, off Scotch Line Road, Perth.

Martin Hiltz thanked Wendy for a very enlightening talk and assured her that many would be joining her advisory group. The Mining Act needs to be revised along with Environmental Protection Act and support is needed.

Eugenia thanked everyone for coming and declared the meeting adjourned at 4:45 pm



MAY 21, 2005

The meeting was called to order at 2:10 p.m. by V.P. Lea Barker. There were 61 members present. Janet Dowell volunteered to take minutes. Lea explained that President David Iley has now resigned his position, as much of his time is now spent traveling. We thank David for all his work over the past five years. Lea then invited the members to enjoy the refreshments.

1. Last year’s minutes. The meeting reconvened at 2:25 p.m. Minutes of June 2004 were read by Lea and a motion to accept as read by John Ficner/Guy Leclaire. Carried.

2. Tay Valley Township Report: Lea introduced Susan Freeman, councilor from Tay Valley Township. Susan touched on several subjects including rising taxes that are inevitable, grants no longer include money for roads and bridges. Provincial government has new funding formula. Reassessment of cottages will be next year. Fire services Drummond/N.Elmsley/Bathurst/ Burgess have amalgamated with Sherbrooke - headquarters in Maberly and Perth. One Fire Chief - Reg Norris and two Captains to oversee all. Sunday gun hunting is being questioned - Duck and turkey hunting will be affected (not deer hunting). Also ATVs be allowed to drive on twsp roads as long as driver licenced- decision for both this Tuesday at council meeting. Likely to be carried.

Septic re-inspection is still ongoing - call the office if you are concerned about a specific property. Little Silver Lake using a dye program, to help pinpoint problem areas.

Waste site improvements - now Sunday hours for weekenders. Recycling has been extended and the Maberly site has been greatly improved.

Long Lake has invited other lakes to join them in GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping program and data sharing, giving input and view of- wildlife, lake quality, lake addresses etc.

Susan gave her website - and e-mail John Ficner said that has most of the township links etc. Susan’s phone is 273-4207

3. Fire Chief Reg Norris - Call the recording at 268-2077 to say you are burning (campfire or barrel burning), unless message indicates burn ban is on. Permits are required for the season. Reg suggested that everyone keep PIN # and directions, by the phone, for visitors etc. calling 911. Be sure to check your smoke detectors and batteries at start of season. Roads and driveways should be cleared 15ft high and 15ft wide with a turn-around for emergency vehicles.

VON have "Vial of Life" bottles with magnet to put on fridge for listing medications.

Jackie Stapledon mentioned a map had been done with all the roads and pin numbers around the lake. Please check and make sure your name and number is correct on the list posted.

Jackie would also like a representative on each road to keep her informed of any changes.

Norm Douglas has info on purchasing Farren Lake hats and jackets etc.

4. Paul Harris - Speaker - introduced by Lea. Paul is financial planner for Freedom 55, division of London Life. He gave an interesting presentation and slides on Estate Planning. Paul has had a cottage on Farren Lake for 12 years. A question period followed the presentation.

5. A booklet was given to each member with the following reports included.

a) President’s report from Dave Iley

b) Treasurers report - Treasurer Norm Douglas, went over the financial status.

c) Water Testing - Jackie explained that only one sample was allowed this year from Lake Partners Program. Results from 2004 are now on a website. Call Jackie for address if interested. Centre for Sustainable Watersheds did a more extensive testing for Oxygen last Fall. The results are in the booklet.

d) Water Levels - by Lea Barker, with comparison reading from 2003 - 2004

e) MAPLE report - Brian Stapledon reported May planting day very successful with over 10,000 cuttings planted. Another work day at the Christie Lake nursery on June 4th , BBQ lunch provided.

6. Election of Executive: Lea Barker is resigning as V.P. Thanks to the earlier e-mail appeal to the membership we have two new directors at large. The complete slate as follows:

President - Eugenia Flett

Secretary - Jackie Stapledon

Treasurer - Norm Douglas

Website - John Ficner - (would appreciate any pictures etc.)

Newsletter - Lea Barker - (plans to have two newsletters each year.)

Gail Graser, Jim Marshall, Virginia Fitzgerald, Ian McKim, Martin Hiltz, Paul Harris and Calvin Thompson, directors at large.

The executive will pick a V.P. from within - Motion to accept slate as presented - Sheena Lucas/Jim Marshall. The Farren Lake website will be updated with names and e-mail addresses.

7. Gypsy Moth Traps: Ann Johns asked members to contact her either by phone at the cottage or home. These must be ordered by June 10 and they are $35. for 5 traps. They will be delivered and should be in place by July 1st. There are still many Gypsy moths seen on various properties around the lake.

8. Other Business: David Iley gave Lea a report on "Rural Clean Water Program" that will be reviewed later by the new executive. This program has been around for a few years - grants to help upgrade wells and septic systems. Possibly an item for the next newsletter.

WRAFT program - for fair taxation will also be studied and passed on to the members at a later date.

9. Draw - Paul Harris had a draw for a handcrafted paddle - won by Liz Peters.

The winner will also receive a year’s subscription to Cabin Life Magazine (Norm Douglas has forms)

10. Thanks - Jackie thanked Gail Graser for compiling the very excellent booklet of reports and also for looking after the squares for today’s tea. Thanks to Lea for chairing the AGM in Dave Iley’s absence.

11. History of Farren Lake: Lea Barker has taken on the task of a historical booklet - might be a two year project. Anyone with anecdotes or pictures etc. contact Lea.

12. Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 3:37 p.m. Moved by M. Hiltz.






12 JUNE, 2004

1.         The meeting was called to order by the President, David Iley at 2:15 pm.  There were 39 members in attendance.  The minutes were taken by Sara Iley.

 2.        Presidents Opening Remarks:  President David Iley welcomed the attending members and asked new members and attendees to introduce themselves.  He paid tribute to Mary Thompson and said that all the cottagers would miss her.

3.         Guest Speaker:  The President introduced Constable Neil Fennell from the OPP who covered marine safety and the cottage watch program with respect to “break and enters”, several of which have occurred in the Perth area. Farren Lake has not been a target for crime since it is overshadowed by the larger Christie and Bobs Lakes. As a result, many cottage owners on those lakes are interested in forming a cottage watch program and several cottage associations are meeting to set this up.   In the long run, Constable Fennell believes that the answer is to identify those who are present on the lake in the off season who can then check on vacant properties.  Another point that was made is that cottagers should check with their insurance company and see how their cottages are covered during their winter absence.  Gates and lights are not much of a deterrent.  In any case, your valuable items should be identified so that when and if recovered, they can be recovered.  Do not put your SIN number on the items but some other identifying mark (initials, birth date etc. etc.)

 With respect to marine activity - the greatest problem is alcohol consumption on the water.  Alcohol consumption in vessels is prohibited unless it is a residential-type vessel.  90% of drownings in Canada involved small open boats when boaters weren’t wearing a PFD or life-jacket.  Just as people wear their seatbelts so should they wear their PFDs.  Also, party hosts have a responsibility and must demonstrate a concern for people on their property if they have had too much alcohol.  Use common sense, be aware, be alert and be careful.

 To reach the police – call 911. If you want to speak to the OPP directly, call 1-888-310-1122.  Also, you can go to a police detachment in Perth on Hwy#7 at any time.  If the office is closed, just pick up the phone at the front door and you will be connected  to the dispatcher who is inside.

Lea Barker thanked Constable Fennell for coming out to speak to the Association.

 4.     Tay Valley Township Report:  The president then introduced Susan Freeman, Deputy Reeve of Tay Valley Township and one of our local councilors in South Sherbrooke Ward.  Susan reminded us that because of the elections in the fall, there were several new councilors in the township.  Of concern to us, the new Reeve is Keith Kerr, replacing Mike Mosher.  Marc Burnham was also re-elected in the ward.  She briefed on the following points – if you need more accurate information, go to  for details:

Sorting out the budget was the first struggle that the new council had to resolve.  Unfortunately, taxes had to be increased even though the budget is less this year than last.  More money is going into reserves for future bridge replacements and road repairs. The township is assessing what needs to be put aside for road repair.  Policing and fire dispatch costs went down.

Concerning waste management, there was some discussion at council on roadside garbage pickup but eventually decided it was too costly and would not improve the service.  Seasonal residents want longer hours at the waste sites which they are examining, especially Sunday evening.

Concerning water regulations, council is waiting for provincial regulations to be formulated.  Weekly testing is being suggested for church halls and community halls, such as ABC hall.  These halls will be seriously affected by the cost of such a regulation. 

Also, council will be re-examining their official plan next year.  Some lakes are not looking very good.  The township will be doing more septic re-inspections this year - let the office know if there are any cottages of concern.  

The biggest challenge to the township is the change of properties from seasonal to residential.  Some residents want the township to take over their cottage access roads but none have been accepted so-far.  In addition, the population of Lanark County is increasing by more than 12% per year. 

The President thanked Susan for attending.

5.    Reports:  The following reports were reviewed:

  1. Minutes, AGM, 19 Jul 03.  The President reviewed the minutes from last year’s meeting and asked if there were any errors or omissions.  George Hobson moved and Guy Leclair seconded. Carried.

  2. Financial Statement.  The Treasurer introduced the financial report, discussed contents and answered questions. Moved as presented by Ruth Buckwell and Seconded by  Brian Stapledon: Carried

  3. Water Levels.  Lea Barker reported that water level information can be found on the website and in the newsletter.  At present, the water level is slightly below last year but well under control for this time of year.

  4. Water Quality.  Jackie Stapledon reported on water clarity and phosphorous levels.  Our Secci disk reading is 5.2 (average of all readings done last summer) and is good.  A phosphorous reading of 10 or less is good.  Lake reading for 2003 was 8.8.  The readings are good overall.

  5. MAPLE.  Brian Stapledon briefed.  MAPLE’s aim is to get lakes to refurbish their shorelines and bring them back to a natural state. MAPLE is funded from lake associations and MNR.  Lanark Council Stewardship Council will be providing a student to help during this summer.  This years cutting days and work day have been successful. Most lakes in this area have planted their lake fronts and the RVCA is interested in keeping MAPLE going, so are sending individuals to MAPLE for materials for their waterfronts.

6.   Water Testing Options: As a result of last year’s AGM, the executive obtained a proposal from the Centre for Sustainable Watersheds for water quality testing of the lake for this year.  Two options were provided:  The 1st proposal was to test in the same format as that done by RVCA on the lake in 2001 – There would be a basin site and six shoreline sites tested seven times during the summer for a cost of $3,326.  The 2nd proposal would test in the format done by the Lake Partner program in that the basin site and the six shoreline sites would be done five times for a cost of $2,017.  No testing for e-coli was included in these proposals as e-coli can be tested by cottagers for free on a regular basis with the health authorities.  The executive decided that these proposals were too costly especially since the lake should be re-scheduled by RVCA for a thorough testing in two years as part of its five year rotation.  Since we will be doing testing ourselves in conjunction with the Lake Partner program, we will examine paying for one test in August through the Centre for Sustainable Watersheds for $150-$200.

7.  Fire Permits: Fire permits are required for any burning, even in special containers and can be obtained from Reg Norris or the Tay Valley Fire Dept.

8.  Gypsy Moth Traps: In addition to phone-in and e-mail requests for traps, members present were canvassed and a total of 13 sets will be ordered 14 June.  They must be received and put in place by 1 July.

9.  Renewal of the Executive:  Eugenia Flett volunteered to join the executive.  The following, as approved by the members, is the executive for 2004-5:

President, David Iley; Vice-President, Lea Barker; Treasurer, Norm Douglas; Secretary, vacant; Directors, Jackie Stapledon, Gail Graser, Jim Marshall, Virginia Fitzgerald, Jeff Fitzgerald, Ian McKim, Martin Hiltz, and Eugenia Flett.

10.  Other Business:

a. John Ficner, our web-site manager, talked about the new website “” and would like input from the other cottagers especially pictures.

b. Lea Barker, our Vice-President, raised the issue that we still need a secretary for the executive.  Sara Iley, taking the minutes for today's meeting declined.  Noted by the President!

c. Lea Barker also thanked the ladies who took the effort to provide refreshments.

11.  Draws:  The draw for the one year subscription to Cabin Life Magazine was won by George Hobson.  Nature Clean provided a gift basket of 15 items (retail value $125) which were won by the members.  Nature Clean is Canada’s leading brand of non-toxic, septic safe, household cleaning, laundry and personal care products –available through Home Hardware and Arbour Ottawa Valley on Bank St in Ottawa.

12.  Adjournment:  The meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.  Moved by George Hobson.

J. Sara Iley